We're here to improve the quality of Stafford County Parks & Rec Football!

Mission Statement

The Stafford Youth Football Coaches Association (SYFCA) is a non-profit organization of coaches in Stafford County, Virginia who are committed to providing the Stafford County youth football league with quality training, equipment, and coaching resources.

The Stafford Youth Football Coaches Association, Inc. (SYFCA) is a non-profit organization based in Stafford County, VA. SYFCA was formed by a group of coaches that raise money for the purpose of supporting the County’s Parks, Recreations and Community Facilities' youth football program. All money raised by SYFCA is used to purchase replacement equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads, which we then donate to the County. Not only do we purchase equipment for the youth football program we also serve the community by offering an annual youth football camp, where youth learn core values such as teamwork, dedication, determination, honor, respect, and discipline.

All Stafford County youth football players are entitled to receive equipment that is in excellent condition and is safe to use for the purpose of playing tackle football. Coaches should receive resources that will enable them to effectively train and mentor their young football players. SYFCA is here to ensure ALL players and coaches are provided with quality equipment and training aids.

The coaches for the Parks and Rec youth football league are committed to providing each player in our league with a quality and excellent football playing experience.

It is our goal to not only enhance the County's youth football program, but the community of Stafford, Virginia as well.